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2005-04-04 03:20:16 (UTC)

missin him like crazy

well today was a serious day... me and my luv got into a really
huge fight and we ended up saying some hurtful things, but in the
end we kissed and made up. Today I went to his house and we
saw the movie THE RING TWO and it was way better than part
one, well, atleast in my opinion. well... I just got home and it's 11:15
pm and .... WOW! what a coinsidence! 11/15 is the day we started
out in 2001. anyways... like I was saying... i just got home and now
I miss him like crazy. I swear that it's so strange because I just saw
him. moments like these I sit back and ask myself where would I
be... or migth I say what would I do without him in my life. I would
go crazy literally. We've been bestfriends since before I can even
remember and we've always been there fro eachother no matter
what... And to think that I'll lose my bestfriend forever over a kiss...
It will surely devastate me... It's crazy... I have never fel this way
before... And as time goes on I fall deeper and deeper inlove... well
I'll continue tommorow because my eyes are beginning to feel
heavy... goodnight... I LOVE YOU BABIE... sweet dreams

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