Life as I know it
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2005-04-04 03:02:29 (UTC)

Life is getting better.....

Well James is dating Kylie now. That's good for them but I
can just barely take it. Well I told my mom a few things
I'm going threw and she responded a little differently then
I thought she would which is good for me. I can also talk
to James on the phone now which is good cause I can talk to
him a while and I won't have to worry about losing all my
minutes talking to him not like I would mind if I did
anyway. Well I talk to James more often and he seems to
care way more than I thought he did from my emotional break
downs cutting myself and always crying. Well I'm over that.
Right now James is more worried about offending my
stepfather. I don't know if James knows how I feel about
him or what. I don't know what he truly feels about me
either I'm just glad I'm talking to him more. I got
promoted formaly to Cpl in Young Marines and the same day I
ran in the 4x400 race and I did good according to some
people but I think I need to work on getting better. The
girls placed 6th placed overall and the boys placed 1st but
that's no suprise really. Also I tried to call James and I
dialed 407-701-0188 by mistake and the guy was like your
voice is sexy and stuff and I was freaked out. Thing that
really freaked me out is dude called back and tried to "get
to know me" weirdest thing that ever happened to me in my
life but at least I know my voice is sexy now lol. My life
is getting better in some areas but the area I'm failing in
is my grades. I got 2 Cs on my report card and only one A.
Can you believe this? That was my worst report card ever. I
am a straight A student but I've been getting mostly As and
Bs since I started High School this last report card
marking I plan on getting straight As no doubt. Also my
candy business is going well by the time the JLS trip comes
I should have raised at least $100 for the Young Marines.
I'm still strong and I've been going to church whenever is
possible and I've learned that the trials and tribulations
I've gone threw and will go threw in life are all the work
of god and they are just his way of getting threw to us.
I'm beginning to like life more after all.


healinghearted soldier