I never said I'd take this lying dow
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2005-04-04 01:50:04 (UTC)

ive asked 100 times whats going on...

rokay.. so i havent written in a while. thats
becaaaaause... I SUCK AT REMEMBERING! o well. anywho. i
think this one will be themed "why girls are degrading
bitches". i went out last night with a bunch of people,
among them my boyfriend, and this one girl... whos really
not very nice. i mean, i she has good morals and shes
pretty, she has a lot of friends, and she gets good
grades, but she doesnt understand three things. one: its
really bitchy to directly insult someone, but even more so
to insult thier bf/gf. two: its rude to exclude people,
especially your friends. three: cover your motherfucking

thats my story. i love the internet. when she reads this,
she can complain to me. or when i kill myself, she can
know it was her fault.