Elizabeth M.
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2005-04-04 01:45:40 (UTC)

Talking to the dead

Have you ever looked back on your writing to see your past
mistakes. Do you see a pattern? Why is it that you can't
see your past mistakes and why do we repeat them? Why do we
turn to our love ones who are dead for guidence, and expect
an answer from them? I do trust what my dad had told me
before he died and from talking to people who were close to
Larry's/and Marks mother, she would of loved me and kate
for her son's. Everything happenes for a reason. I told
Mark long Ago, Maybe your mom sent me to help you, you will
never know. Our beloved dead gives us signs,... but the
living have to decide to pick up on those signs or just
ignore them. I look for signs everyday. No one has to be
alone, but only they choose to be that way. I look for
signs everyday to guide me back to whom I was and the
direction I should be on. I look for signs of the one I am
supposed to be with in hopes of enterial happiness. I seek
my true love, I seek a life full of laughter and love. I
seek things that most don't think is possible. But it
is.... I am not into drama, I am quick to put a stop to it
as others have found. My life will go on as normal, and I
will find the one I am destine to be with. I call out to
him and wait for a answer.

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