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2005-04-04 01:32:13 (UTC)

almost back school la~

almost back school lu~ (sigh...)

I must study la! 6/4 ar~ epa quiz...8/4 elit test...

and then the next week ar! test lulu! bad bad lor!! .

I need to get a good result, or else i will die ga la!!!

I hope when I back school, Mrs So will have a new sitting
plan, so that i will not sit near the teacher and I hope
that my sit is near honey* but very far with XXXXXX ...
that only my hope~~

Although I have already finished to study, but actually
study will not be finish in my life, cos. if we don't keep
on studying, we will forget those things we have study
before than how can we have our FINAL EXAM...? mm...noway,
i think.......

anyway, i have a lot to do...can't write a lot and a lot,
ke* talk later...8* ^.^

study hard la! 1A girls! . ^.^ &.&

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