Autum's Leaves
2005-04-03 23:51:37 (UTC)

Got REAL Booty?

I watched Sin City again. God help us all. Upon seeing
it a second time, I realized it wasn't as good as I had
previously thought and promised myself I wouldn't see it
again. Of course, I don't know what I'm going to do if my
ex asks me to go this week.

The one thing that stood out more the second time I saw
it, was how "manly" it was. Made by guys, for guys. Naked
women abound at every corner, flahes of bare tits galore,
every man a True man, a manly man, a tough man. Regardless
to say, no sensitve pussy boys are anywhere in this movie.
My theory is that males who write stories glorifying the
male ego, the male toughness, the masculinity of life, and
serving up a good helping of hot women fawning over every
guy of choice, are just making up for what they coudn't
get. Can't get ass? Just write a story about it, so all
those other losers out there not getting ass will love it,
and share your absolute anguish. So, how do we deal with
not getting the booty? I'd say, 99.9% of the known world,
masterbates. No big deal. But, then what about the 0.1%
that I reside in? Yes, it's true, I don't masterbate.
Don't faint all at once, especially if you're eating
something hot. I get my act together. I clean, I eat, I
watch movies, I write, I exercise. I do.

The reality of it is that it dosen't bother me not to
be getting bone every other day. Yeah, it's a wonderful
pasttime, but it's just a pasttime. There's a reality and
an unreality for everything. Sex is a mixture of both.
Mixing those things people thought weren't possible, with
actual attempts.

And then I thought, what really is reality? Or
unreality? I don't suppose reality is what you can see, or
maybe even feel, but just something that you know. Of
course, realities can be altered, adjusted or thrown to
the dogs. That's what happens when, maybe, an unreal thing
happens in a very "real" situation, or world. The fact
that someone is in love with me, that I've never
physically met, is a very unreal thing to me. Yet, it's
centered directly in my very very real world. Reaction?
Well...I haven't decided that yet. Thinking only hurts my
brain, since the two realities haven't meshed completely
yet. I have this innate sense to deny it, to say, that
didn't really happen. I haven't looked back at the
conversation, I don't know if I will. Maybe there's just a
certain time for each of us, a time in which we cope
when "unreality" strikes us, and decimates our reality,
our truths.

Whatever the time, whatever the cicumstance, we all
must forge on. I'll be fine, just like always. When
unreality hits you, you'll be fine, just like always.
Because the reality of it is, we have no choice but to be
fine, and to move on to bigger, better and brighter
things. Maybe even happiness.