East yorkshire diary of a countryman
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2005-04-03 20:55:09 (UTC)

Early April

At least it seems more like spring we have had a glourious
warm weekend which entailed 2 1/2 hours grass cutting for
my mother and that included leaving the grass to be picked
up next time round. (it was still too wet to pick up with
the grass box without constant blocking,)
There was no way we wre going far since we had arranged to
babysit Jack (grandson of 8 months) still it enabled ne to
tidy ny own garden also.jack arrived and as it was still
warm we set off into the country side. the road side was
decked out with white purple and pink violets some late
celendines and odd wild primroses. it was good to be out
without a coat or jumper although i did sneak one into the
bottom of the push chair. chip shop cips for supper! the
first in a year - not good for the figure but at 50 what
the hell!
sunday proved almost as good we explored north cliffe
woods, managed by a local wildlife trust and on our
doorstep. mainly birch woodland with an floor covering of
bramble and fern. The first blue bells were coming out
and there was an abundance of great tits and chaffinches
but very little else. Never mind took some great photos
and had a brilliant few hours.
the birds at home are more abundant now tan in Winter-
perhaps because not so many people are feeding them now.
We are regularly getting a pair of greenfinches to the
feeders at the back and front of the house but they are
very wary and are soon gone in a flash of yellow and
green. Sparrows are definately building in 2 boxes which
leaves another 7-8 pairs to find homes,-we can accommadate
another 2 pairs. both black birds and dunnucks are
spending a lot of time with us but there is an absence of
blackbird song in the vicinity this year.

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