Heather Nicole
2005-04-03 18:42:30 (UTC)

Have You Ever?

Have you ever Loved someone,
or atleast thought you did?
Did they crush your heart,
Your spirit, your soul, your most sensitive part?
Did you cry? or was it just me?
The tears that kept flowing, Couldnt you see?

Have you ever trusted someone?
Give them your heart, then they took it,left you all alone.
You ask "Do you Love me?" they say "YES!"
Oh...It's all a game, a trick, I guess.
If it is a trick, a game of some sort,
Please, OH Please cut our time together short!

Have you ever lost someone?
It hurt so bad, it had you all torn apart.
The pain, the tears, the scars to come,
But all of this isnt easily Undone!
For the raw, puffy eyes are just a disguise,
Because you really only wanna die.

Have you cared for someone? Cared so much it hurt?
To hug and hold someone, only for them to stab you in the
The pain and the trauma,
Just cut to the Chase, Lose all the drama!
But now I cry and think of you,
And how I shouldnt love you, But I do!

*-*Written by Me!!


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