Leah's Thoughts
2005-04-03 18:34:59 (UTC)

Good boy!

Good boy you are a can play the part well
of someone hurting making me want to hold you and be at
your beck and call.. You would call me andI would wake up
or stop whatever I was doing to just to make you feel
better. I dont know there I went wrong since everything is
about you. I dont know why you couldnt see a good thing
when it was standing in front of you. I even offered my
home and car for you to use. I offered you everything I
could but you turned it around and used me for a shoulder
to cry on. Telling me you missed me. Making me want to
believe every flippen lie coming from your mouth. You didnt
miss me you missed me being here for you. You knew that you
would always have someone to come running back to when you
were going through another relationship break up...You knew
it and you knew that I would get upset when you had another
break up but yet you couldnt take me serious.
I have never loath anyone as much as I do you right now. I
feel sorry for you. I can see you 30n yrs down the road
unhappy and alone and I dont know if I can wish you the
best. Because you lead me on. You played me and you know
what I was told to watch it because you would come runnign
back as soon as you felt lonely I mean why have a
relationship with me again when you knew that you can
always come back. I mean be able to go out and do waht you
want but you will always have me in Saskatoon.. Come on
buddy I was dumb once but you live and learn...and that is
all I have to say.