i h8 life
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2005-04-03 18:30:37 (UTC)

Feeling good

Hey diary havent left anything on here for ages...I am
great latley.we are on school holidays now.towards the end
of the school term school was getting me down quite a bit
and i was always fed up and miserable...byt now im having
fun in life and loving it...Im with somebody now who means
everything to me and always will. Only three people know
about the relationship and thats the way it is going to
stay at the moment. I dunno if he feels the same about me
but i hopeso :D:D:D
And today is sunday the most boring day of the week cause
there is never anything to do except walk round the
streets which tends to get very boring lol. thats enough
now i will write again soon to tell you about my life!
lmao and im sure you all what to read about it

Only joking Laura x

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