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2005-04-03 16:47:32 (UTC)

A story to share


I would like to share with you a story.

Once upon a time there was a young king. He was a lenient
one. Every people in the country loved him a lot; however,
not everyone of them behaved well. There must be some bad
people doing illegal things behind the corners. One day, a
thief stole a piece of meat from the grocery and got
caught. In their law, people who were caught stealing
should have a prosecution. There was no exception for that

The King heard about the news and were forced to sign the
letter of approval for the prosecution, but he didn't
really want to as he was so lenient. He knew that the
thief was against the law, but his kindness told him not
to kill this thief.

On the day of prosecution, the people in the country were
all on the street to watch the prosecution. Some of them
felt shameful about the thief, as they think it was no
good for him stealing anything under the rule of such a
kind king; others just laughed at him, for they believed
that he deserved the judegment.

The prosecutor was ready for everything. In the past, they
used to prosecute the criminals with a dagger. The
prosecutor would dagger them at their backs, and then cut
their skin off piece by piece. This time, the prosecutor
did the same. When he put the dagger into the thief's
body, a little child standing in the crowd cried, 'Why can
he be so cruel to the man?'

The king heard what happened in the public. He was
heartbroken, for his prosecutor didn't kill the thief but
he himself killed the thief by his own hands. Even a small
little boy knew the fact that no one should take away
anyone's life, he wouldn't accept the truth that he
ordered his man to kill the criminal. He knew that by the
time the dagger broke through the heart of the thief, his
soul left him with the thief. He was no longer a lenient
king, but an invisible killer in the dark.


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