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2005-04-03 15:12:33 (UTC)

The begining

This is the first time i have ever done something like
this. Normally if i write its to myself, not for everyone
to see. But i also like to try new things, so i guess i can
give this a try.
Today is going ok me and steven (my brother) have really
faught yet, but its only 11am who knows what the afternoon
will bring for us. Today is also the day my mom and dad got
divorced. well today but it was 10 years ago. I was only 6,
my brother was 4. It was hard but i got over it, i dont
think steven did though, he wants to spend the whole summer
with my father in florida but i dont think hes going to
like it. I think its a mistake on my moms part. The summer
in florida? punishment or vacation? Its meant to be a
punishment, but its not really one at all. Mom says we take
her for granted, but i dont think we do. I thinnk shes just
losing her mind. Shes been through so much with him.
Matt (my cousin) is still in jail, i hate it because i
dont get to hear from him a lot. When i think about it i
kno thats where he needs to be for everything he ever did
but i want to see him. I miss him so much! I always hear
people talking about how much they miss friends that are in
jail, but its even harder if its a family member who you
think of as one of your best friends.

Matt i miss you so much and i cant wait for you to
come home!

Justin i love you so much and im glad were still
together. Its almost 4 months baby.