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2005-04-03 06:19:56 (UTC)


AH lately I have had a lot of drama going on. And drama
really sucks. Like, I just want to shoot drama in the head
with a gun if I could. For me drama starts with a capitol
A. And the A stands for Adam. my EX. But not really my ex.
I met adam about 2 and have years ago and the one thing we
have had going for us is that we manage to stay together
because of all the damn drama. And last night was the straw
that broke the back. OH LORD I WAS SO PISSED.
So he called me at like 2:00 in the morning like he always
does when he is drunk. And we talk, which leads into
fighting as always and we end up making up and being sweet
to each other. he talks me into talking about sex with him
which turns into - and sorry if this sounds crazy- "phone
sex" and right when we are done he says "OH AUBREY"
Im just sitting thier on the other line like "WHAT THE
HELL?" My name is GENNA, not Aubrey. Aubrey is the name of
his ex girlfriend. I was so so so upset and hurt and
whatever. But of course I didnt give him the statisfation
of knowing that. I didnt say a word. I just hung up the
phone. And I have not called him all day, and the sad part
is he has not tried to call me. BUTT HEAD.
The part that really makes me depressed is I have been in
love with him for years. He is my first love, the first and
only guy I have ever been with. He lives about 2 hours away
from me and I still dont date other guys because I am
waiting for him. I know all girls think they are not the
ones at fault but in this case, im truly not. I treat him
like gold and Im sick of him treating me like shit.
I just got him a $300.00 cell phone and you know what? He
cant even take 5 min out of his day to call me on it. My
mom and dad got him about $1,000 worth of clothes from
abercrombie and he doesnt even say thanks. Hes a DOG and Im
finally realizing that. But it sucks because its like.... 2
years later. So goodbye Adam Rundolph, the only thing I can
say is: the sex was good. LOL
So anyways, my other drama is my damn body. I have to loose
7 lbs before this photo shoot and, Its not working. I have
been cutting down on all my fat and cals but, still
nothing. I think that its my love for pizza. I LOVE PIZZA.
OOOHHHHH its so good. And I really love miller lite. And
ice cream. I could live off of pizza ice cream miller lite
and Ben Affleck for the rest of my life :) LOL
My modeling agency wont deal with me because I need to
loose more wieght. They are basically like "loose 7 more
lbs then call us back" my photo shoot is in 2 months and if
I have not lost it and kept it off they will drop my
contract which is not good because I loose money and I will
be damned! WHATEVER.
Have a good night guys.