a slave's journal
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2005-04-03 06:12:20 (UTC)

4/2/05 ~ a long day~

Dear Diary,

the day has been long it may not be all about the life of
a slave but its needs spilt out. i had to take chelsea to
the jail today to see her father. i hated it i hated every
freaking moment of it i wanted nothing more then to stay
home in the safety of my four walls.. i took a friend with
me i hold close and dear Adryan. the mother fucker lunged
at me when the set him lose in the play room all i could
do was jump with my head full of renewed nightmares the
blood the hurt the pain the agony the wishing for death as
i sat there today looking at the lil version of me
screaming and crying i realized that her pain had to be
much the same ripping her.. but why? she does not know
what he did i have never uttered a word about it. my head
is full of bricks i took a few too many pills to make the
day bearable but it didnt help when i came right down to
the raw emotions that flared up. the evil glares adn fiery
looks exchanged between us was enough to freeze hell over
with the coldness.but it so quickly washed away at the
sound of Master's voice it was like lifting an
interminable haze slothing of the old skin reminding her
of the new the love that has welled between us making each
day better as we grow so close together the friendship has
always been there but now it blossoms sweetly as a dewy
rose on a spring morning every day we learn something new
about each other. i wear his kolar with pride. i only wish
i could make all my past wash away and begin again fresh
and clean. some of the things that bother me never to be
done. but then perhaps i would not be the person i am now.
but this is not the time for those thoughts. my heas is
swimming and i need to relax and enjopy the best thing in
my life.. my Master