Autum's Leaves
2005-04-03 06:03:58 (UTC)

Ultimate Insanity

No, nothing bad happens. At least, not in this entry.

So, the word of the day, of the past couple of days,
has been Crazy, and with good reason too. I saw Sin City
and then...something kind of remarkable happened tonight.

Sin City. What can I say? Every person's critique on
this movie can be completely paradoxial and make sense. It
was awful, but it was great. It was gorey, but it was
comic. It was crazy, that's what it was. The line was a
gigantic writhing snake whenever I walked through the
door. Surrounded by college kids and families (families
for chrissake) I braved my way through and, lo and behold,
I found a friend! Saved me fifteen minutes in line. I had
to buy the tickets since both of my friends were 17. The
lady cheacking ID's let us all in though; we owe her. The
movie itself...well... Elijah Wood was fantastic. I know
that sounds oxymoronish, but it's true. He was the
creepiest person ever. I get gosebumps just thinking about
that part of the movie. It's VERY raw, VERY graphic, LOTS
of nudity(just girls mind you) and hardly ANY cursing. The
movie is completely deviod of the word fuck. It made
things interesting to say the least.

So, this kind of wonderful, crazy thing happened
tonight. This is going to sound crazy or strange or odd,
or something like that, but I was online talking to some
of my favorite people. My ex IMed me and we talked...sort
of. We talked in "our way of talking." My friend who lives
out of state, which he will be known as my Buddy, was
talking to me, and I showed him a piece of my coversation
with my ex. Of course, my ex, ever the one to pick on me,
was calling me filth and a bitch like always. Oh, and
Satan, I can't forget that one (right, why do I put up
with it?). My Buddy started saying these things that were
so sweet. I was even called a Gem, a Gem! He said this
beautiful peice that almost made me cry, the only thing
that stopped me was how hard I was smiling and how happy
I was. It's crazy that this person is someone I don't
know, who lives far away, somewhere in the great unknown
of the innerards of our country, and I've never gotten
along so well with anyone. I've never talked this long to
anyone, I've never been swept off me feet so much as
tonight. Distance holds us apart, from maybe a beginning.
If it didn't sounds so crazy, I'd say I love this guy.

But then again, it's been a crazy week.