lost thoughts
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2005-04-03 05:16:01 (UTC)


ugh! why does the thought of aaron make my heart flutter
away? and when i talk to him i feel like im melting inside.
i miss him every moment of the day! he makes me feel like i
can be who i am and not like i have to change like with
garreth. if i died right now i would be one of the happiest
persons alive. its like we feel the same things. i really
want to just catch the next plane or next buss to him. he
actually makes me want to smile. i really love him and its
nice to know he loves me as well. i dont know what god has
in store for me and aaron i just hope my dream comes true.
i feel like singing right now. if i could find my poems
that were typed on iene and joes computer. i wrote "love"
about and for him. i want him to read it. but i cant find
it. why do all my friends think im insane for trying this
with arron so far away. but i dont think it is. if i love
him then those things shouldnt matter and they dont. i wish
i was near him right now. ugh! but god has a way. he even
writes some poetry. i just want to hold him and never let
go. i really miss him. well i g2g. besides i know 2
monsters who is going to get hurt in a min. lol.