Elizabeth M.
2005-04-03 05:08:28 (UTC)

A Night w/hope

I was supposed to have off today but I ended up going to
work, I was not happy at all, I called robin later on to
ask her if she still wanted to go out. She was depressed so
I told her that I understood, Then she told me about Lee's
father and how he died this past thursday, I told her that
I was sorry and asked how he was, I know how he feeling due
to my dad dieing in the end Of Feb. Then she went on about
mark and how he only gave her 7 dollars for laundry and he
said that he would pay her the rest when he cashed his
check. I told her that for now on not to do his laundry
until she gets at least 25 dollars in her hand first. Itold
her that he could at least pay her, at least pay her what
he owes me. I told her that she could have the money that
he still owes me that I'll never see,$100. I told her that
I was also having money problems too, So she asked me what
I was doing next week , sO I told her that I was working
but I could still manage to go out. So Iwent out to a bar
and had my new drink(chocolate chip cookie) and sang 2
songs and then went to blockbuster for a movie then now I
am here writing, Not much going on.
I am going w/Kate to see Larry(Marks brother)I thought
about asking Mark if he would like to go but I really don't
think that I will right now, He needs to mend himself
first, he needs to learn to forgive and forget certain
things and people. We all have our demons to fight,.....
yes it's part Larry's fault and also Mark's other brother's
fault(lee). I would think that Mark would understand due to
his problems w/drugs and liquore. It say's alot about a
person's charactor who can forgive and forget. Maybe in
time. All I know is that when Larry gets out he is going to
come and live w/me and my family. He is a good heart person
just like Mark, but tends to turn to the wrong people and
things. That's ok,.. in time I think that both will turn
around if they want to,,... it seem that Larry wants too.

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