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2005-04-03 03:06:09 (UTC)

Well... Wait I have already named one this haven't I? oh no I haven't

Last entry I put my list of my universe. Well it isn't
correct because I have run it through my people and we are
changing it. So ignore it for a while. I am amking a list
of who goes where too so ask me about it and tell me
people you want to go where.

I feel ok today. What ok is, idk I feel normal. I did my
math hw. I already had my science hw done. And all I have
to do is my english essay and I will have no hw to do
until Tuesday.

My birthday is in 8 days. There are about 47 school days
left and there is 28 days until the Heritage Festival
which I am not ready for. On Monday I will bring my
Baritone and play in class.

My dad's birthday is on tuesday. And idk what we are gonna
do. He never celebrates his birthdays. I should probably
make him a cake the night before and leave it out for him
to find. I think that would be a nice surprise for him. He
is currently talking on the phone with his friend, that he
has known since they were kids, and watching tv.

Thought of the Day:

Is Leukemia hereditary? And if it is that would suck for
someone I know.