If Only....
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2005-04-02 22:40:25 (UTC)

Silence Magnifies Sound

5:27 PM

Consumption of:
* tomato-sliced, with olive oil, mozzarella and basil
* 2 1/2 honey mustard morning star chicken tenders -
* salad spring mix with olive oil and vinegar
* 2 glasses of Iced tea
* 1 glass of water with lime

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I STARTED MY RAG TODAY^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Well, my appetite is to a bare minimum and I have no
desire to much on food like there is no tomorrow. I hate
this. I have no wedding to lose weight for, but I am too
sad to eat. I am bloated to all hell so food isn't
appealing at all, but I ate something earlier because
before then, Yesterday, I ate a little bit of a healthy
chargrilled chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A, didn't
finish it all and gave the rest to Alex. I don't even
really feel that skinny, but I know I don't feel like I
did. And OBVIOUSLY, I am not pregnant. Not to mention I
took a test the other night. I would be flipping out if I
were. And in a sad truth, I would consider Abortion. And
that is something I am not for-but where I am right now, I
don't think I could do it. God knows good and damn well
that I can't be pregnant anytime soon. I already have a
son. I don't want another kid for a long long time.
Anyways, It is cold outside-so I am going to go sit on the
bench in the sunlight and smoke a cigarette. I have a lot
to do while I do nothing.

************* I will accept any written prayers***********
*******************or words of inspiration****************

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