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2005-04-02 21:11:11 (UTC)

machines of whores

i got this from 'Idol_Lies' on my-poetry.com. hope you
like it as much as i do.

with their giggles
all the same
perfect hair
if there's a problem
they aren't the ones to blame.

well, girls...
we can all play your game.
just remember
teachers may love you,
but we want you to die, this it is true

you all are whores
blonde and pretty,
you're the girls sought after
to increase their scores.

boys dont like you
girls dont either
font think i want to be you
do i want what you have?

no, never
i dont want your lies
your streched outness
your usedness

i dont wnat to be blonde
i dont want to be
anything associated with you.

i hate your jeans
i hate your makeup
or lack there of
i hate your flat tummies,

and most of all
i hate your fake.
i hate you attitude
i hate your cold stares.

guess what girls,
they're ging to get you nowheres.
so be on camera
take it up the ass,

just enjoy this love
while it lasts.
once you get a rep
like Caine has..

you'll be on the curb,
with yesterday's trash
and nobody will like you,
you can bet your JLo ass.

flaunt yourselfs
primp and prime.
no bruises please,
it's best if you're Grade A meat.

i like to think of you all
as porkchops with legs
hungry wolves come knocking
and you are sizzling.

but guess what.
those of us who aren't meat
will last our time
and stay on our feet.

when you're overcooked and overdone,
we'll be with your man
we'll be teh number one.
we'll walk all over you

like you do now.
you may look skinny,
but you all are
just a herd of cows.