My UnFoRtUnAtE LiFe
2005-04-02 14:59:26 (UTC)

EvEr SaId SoMeThInG YoU wIsH yOu HaDeNt

hey its me and back to m.z well tha day he broke up wit me
because he wanted to be single he started goin back out wit
my best friend...and i tha other day i told my guy friend
that im alrite wit wut he did i just hope something like
this happens to him one day so he will no how he hurt
me...and it did my friend broke up wit him for some one
else and i just relized wut i said...hes broken...i feal
horible, he was tellin me all this about how hes hurt her
and how she forgives him and still tries to be ther for
him...i just wanted to say to him who are you talkin to im
here and do you realize how bad you hurt me...we both were
cryin...i dont get it im so confused...he loves her and he
just wants it to be returnd...i could love him like
that...but he dont want no one but *her*...i told him that
she is so damn lucky and hes like wut do you mean and i
said 1 out of 99 guys actualy realy love thier g/fs i would
do anything for that...and i told him that even tho you
dont think itll be okay it will ive been there, and ive
screamed at myself i just want him back, wut did i do, geez
and he said well it wasent your fault, i wasent talkin
about that but okie w/e lol,i just wished that he loved me
like he loves her...i would be so freakin hapi...she just
dont see whut she could have...this boy is so fuckin smart
he could acomplish anything and he is willing to give it
all up for her...well i g2g ill write later

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