Breathless Confessions
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2005-04-02 13:54:45 (UTC)

i am happy, feeling glad

Okay everybody tell me what u think about this-my mom says
she doesn’t know me anymore, she says I am still a brat we
haven’t made up yet-ha ha- once my sister comes back from
France all the attention will be averted from me-ha ha- I
swear, I have been reading some anorexic books and if my
mom doesn’t watch it I may become anorexic! I mean I may
have a little dysfunction going on in my head, a little
more wont hurt will it? Oh well like I care. Today my Sims
superstar CD seemed to be scratched and it wouldn’t work.
I am very mad, and now my dad is tinkering with my
computer! It looks like he cut her (my compu) in half.
Tear, tear. Well I guess I will just have to use my deluxe
edition. i'm happy feeling glad, i got sunshine, in a bag