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2005-04-02 11:18:27 (UTC)

first entry

I've never done 1 of these things before, but I have got
strong feelings for someone and I cant tell him, my friends
just think I am mad so only other way I can get them out
there is by writing a diary, done a search for online
diaries and this 1 was top of the list, didnt even know you
got things like this lol. So anyway as you probably guessed
by my diary name my names Debbie, I am 17 from Scotland..
will be 18 in April cant wait :)! I left school when I was
16 and have been working in a sports shop ever since, not
what I always wanted to do but the money is quite good and
the people there are nice enough. I'll probably only use
this thing to talk about the guy I am sure that I am
falling in love with or when my sister or friends piss me
off but I suppose thats what most people use them for? Who
knows I'll just write whatever is in my head at the time
even if it is garbage. I'm trying not to speak any Scottish
slang in here case anybody tries to read it lol cause it
can be quite hard to understand, but it might come out now
and then so good luck understanding it if it does!

Well I'm going to start going on about *him* now heehee, he
works in the same shop as me and is TOTALLY gorgeous. I
swear I have never seen a guy so nice looking, well maybe I
have but usually those guys are gay or just arseholes but
this guy well he has got pretty much every box ticked. He's
got kind of dirty blonde hair, which is bleached blonde at
the moment dont look as good but is still stunning. I'm
99.9% sure his eyes are green but I haven't been close
enough to say 100% sure. He started working in the shop
about 6months ago I think and I have liked him ever since.
If I start to sound like a crazy stalker I'm sorry but if
you seen this guy you would understand I am sure of it.
He's always fooling around at work making people laugh, I
could watch him all day and when we are working the same
shift I probably do! I'm so obsessed with him that I have
even wrote down all the shifts he works so I know when we
will be in on the same days. He is working 2 till 7 today
so he will be there for most of my shift, I am working 3
till 9 so least I will get to see him for 4 hours lol.

Thing is he doesnt notice me at all, he is way out of my
league. Would be surprised if he was single anyway any girl
he asked out would be mad to say no. In the 6 months he has
worked there the only thing I have said to him is hiya and
see ya later when he finishes work or I do :(! He says hi
and bye back but I just wish I had the confidence to have a
proper conversation with him its driving me mad. He was off
work for the past 4 days you usually get about 4 days off
in a row about every 2nd week so he wasnt sick or anything.
But I really missed him when I'm working and I know he is
in the same building it makes my day.

Well I'm going now I'll probably be back soon with bout
about him, dont want to say his name case someone he knows
or something reads this then he will know I like him. Doubt
that would actually happen but I really dont want to risk
him finding out :(!