Islamic Conversion
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2005-04-02 09:52:15 (UTC)

The Beauty of the Hijab (Scarf)

Before my introduction to Muslims I really had no clue
they existed. History and Society of the Middle East were
covered very briefly in all of my pre-college education.
To me, Egypt was the middle east and they were not
Muslims, just people with a funny religion.
Everytime I saw a Muslim woman walking in Wal-Mart I would
ask my mom why she looked so funny. The response was that
the woman was afraid of getting germs! What other reason
would a woman cover herself head to toe in the hot months
of summer?!
Not until a couple months after becoming a Muslim did I
accept the idea that a woman should have to do such a
ghastly thing as respect her body! It took me over a year
to actually wear it myself. Once I put the hijab on, I
could never turn back. That first day was my first time
to let the whole world know I was Muslim and every aspect
of my life became open to public scrutiny. My past
friends and classmates looked at me and wondering why I
would allow my husband to force me to wear such a symbol.
No more could I drive down the road with music blaring b/c
I might give Islam a bad name. I could never go swimming
again (the hardest thing to give up). Even today I miss
walking outside with my hair blowing in the wind. I only
experience it briefly in the backyard when my husband and
I are feeling daring.
Both men and women have dress codes in Islam women's seem
to be more strict but there is reason for that. No one
can deny the fact the beauty of a woman's body exceeds
that of a mans. We are delicate, soft, curvacious, and
graceful. Even the most judgemental of artists would have
to agree. Also, woman have beautiful flowing hair that
just begs to be touched. My husband sits in amazement
when I have brushed my hair and he sees the beautiful
colors and the softness. I have not met a man who did not
find beautiful hair to be one of the most appealing things
about a woman. Even women themselves can't help but admit
the beauty of another girl. WE JUST LOOK GOOD LADIES!
Men on the other hand are very handsome but do not offer
the same type of "Wow" appeal. They are great looking but
in shorts or normal clothes it doesn't really make a
difference, it just a choice of seeing big hairy legs vs.
a pair of jeans. The body is important for a woman but
the face and actual heart of a man is what really attracts
The purpose of covering is to keep ones modesty and show
shyness while Allah is watching us. I am now so disgusted
when I walk down a street of a bunch of half naked women
with low tank tops and short shorts walking around. I now
see they are just slaves of magazines and they care so
much about how a man thinks she looks. She walks down the
street with her stomach sucked in and painfully wearing a
pair of skin tight jeans.
Off work...will write latter