Lunactic Scriptures
2005-04-02 06:26:55 (UTC)

Whut's Up?

Ok, so my spellin and grammar sucks according to my
teachers and neuro-psychologist. Fuck it. I'mma tell how i
would say it.

Okay so I was born June 9th, 1984 (Year of the Rat and
Month of the Gemini! WHUT! lol). 6984! mark it on your
What i'm writing here now is my Intro. This is what you
see on the outside of me, both physically and as a person.
i'll get into my screwy childhood life and stuff in
another chapter (if i feel like it...i'm not sure yet)

Okay so i'm a tall motherfucker as my friends say
{including Shaggy 2 Dope}. 6'4 is kinda tall i guess. But
along with my huge frame i'm draggin along 350lbs of which
130 of it is pure fatness. I dress mainly in black gear
["Pink is the new black" my ASS! Black is Black bitch and
don't you forget it], but if that's in the wash i'm just
usually wearin my scrubby baggy jeans and jacket. BUT! no
matter what i'm wearin, you can always see me with my
HatchetMan Medalion and chain.

ICP!!! I'm into Insane Clown Posse if you hadn't guessed
or figured out yet. Them boys and the entire label is a
part of my life. you can't have me without them in my
recipe. //
AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE! basically anything on Adult Swim
on Cartoon Network. I'm a member on their message boards.
Look me up as Cartoon_Nightmare.//
Pinball!.......pinball's fun man...

uhhmmmmm...this is all i got right now. I'm just your
average american slacker boy just lookin to fill my time
up with tv and computer. okay so i'm just gona wrap this
up cuz i'm sure WHOEVER's readin this who isn't my friend
is probably bored out their ass like 'HURRY UP FUCKER! GET
sex"figure it out...