Elizabeth M.
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2005-04-02 05:51:45 (UTC)


Today was like any normal day for me, hating my job and
wanting not to go,but I have to pay the bills somehow.
I went to class and the first thing I did was say Hi to a
co-student named Tasha then I went into the office. The guy
in charge(who you never see) asked if I was graduating
tonight and I said"Hopefully", He asked me if I wanted to
take on jobthis Sat night from 4pm to 10pm(private party)
it pays $20 and hour. I told him that I wasn't ready. As
time flew by it was time for my last test, Iwas so nervous,
I was studing in the truck while I was driving & then
again when I got out of the shower and again while I was
fixing my hair. I know that I did terrible on that test,The
first page I got all of them right and the second page as
well, but the 3rd & 4th page was terrible. My teacher
started to make me think and then I started to remember the
things that I learned. So, I got 100% on my final. So now I
have a degree in bartending,so cool!!. Later my teacher had
asked me if the number on the sticky note was mine and I
said yes why?, She said that the manager of the school was
trying to get ahold of me for a job, I was shocked! I
wasn't even out of school and this lady has already found
me a job. So monday I have to call her.
All of us who graduated tonight went out to Bennigains in
Glen Burnie, We had fun, Angie was here and Stewart and
Rodney, and Tasha and her man. We all were joking around
and etc, they even had karaoke, so of coarse I sang a song.
We all exchanged our e-mails and numbers and we all promise
that we would all get together at least once a month and
keep in touch.
So now I am here, I called my mom earlier to tell her the
news and she was screaming and was so excited that i did it.
My teacher kept on say that she is very proud of me and
everything that I have done since my dad died,she couldn't
understand where I got the strength to do all of it. I
loved it. I have one of my goals done, now on to the second
and third ones, Nursing school and finding someone who will
love me for me and be my partner in life, Remember 3
strikes and your out is my rule of thumb. It's funny my
last boyfriend was only on his second,like I said before
people can forgive and forget if they want too, learn from
your mistakes and don't repeat them. I am good at giving
advise but not good at taking my own. I can forgive anyone
as long as they admit that they were wrong and try to
correct the problem. See,.. I am not a bad person after all.

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