a slave's journal
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2005-04-02 04:41:22 (UTC)

4/1/05 ~ time to think~

Dear Diary,

It maybe not be Gorean thoughts exactly but it pertains to
my life as a slave. i had plenty of time to think as i was
on the road in the past 24 hours about different things
and different aspects of my life i love my Master will all
my life despite what anyone says my life has not been the
same since i took his kolar he brings me much happiness
and joy though sometimes i feel as if i dont do the same
for him i know he loves me too even when i am at my worst
tormenting torturous demanding and mouthy. i am slowly
sliding into the slave i was with His love and care. i
have changed though as one does when their life changes. i
guess it would be called growing in her slavery. i have
found i have very lil desire to "fuck" around other Men
are just not as appealing as His loving arms there is no
love there no passion felt its like a dead fuck... he
gives me life love vitality and the desire to be more and
do more. its like he has renewed me not just as slave but
as a whole not just sexually but mentally and physically
no one has cared to listen as he does no one has let me
just cry it all out and yell and scream if need be as he
does. he is....... well he just is! there are things i
really wish i could explain but i can't. if i could i
would rip out my heart and paste it here for the world to
see and understand. but you cant just explain the power of

the happily devoted slave of Hati

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