2005-04-02 04:13:10 (UTC)


"Fathers and sons. That can be torture sometimes."
- Angel, ep. "Lineage"

Wednesday's episode revealed that John Locke- the
mysterious parapalegic-now-walker-since-he-got-to-the-
island-turned-knife-smuggling-hunter played convininsingly
by the amazingly talented Terry O' Quinn, got screwed out of
his kidneys by the father who gave him up for adoption when
he was born (played by Kevin Tighe, also an amazing actor
who's only other role I can think of is the guy who put the
blank in Lance Henrickson's pistol for an episode of TALES
FROM THE CRYPT, now my second favortie show of all time
because Angel Season 5 and season 3 of Buffy technically
doen't count). Amazing, amazing show, I smell oscars all
around for O' QUinn, Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and for Dominic
Monaghan (he was one of the guys who hung with Frod
throughout the LORD OF THE RINGS series, but I forget which
one). Also Boone (Ian Somerhadler)- the guy who had a one
night stand with his bitchy step sister Shannon (Maggie
Gracie) before they stepped on the palne, is badly injured
(is he the lead character who's going to die before the
season ends???) and the hatch which Locke and him have been
trying to open was finally opened by the show's end. DOn't
forget to watch LOST next week: Claire (Emily de Ravin) is
going to finally have her baby and Boone might die!

Also on the ALIAS front, Jennifer Garner gets buried
alive and science wiz Marshall (Kevin Weisman) has to rescue
her. Great stroy line, great, gret, great, but Garner being
buried alive? Apparently somebody's seen Kill Bill, Vol. 2.
Ohh, and speaking of Q. T., when are they gonna bring him
back to star in another episode as the bad guy? He's so bad
ass as a director, a producer, a writer, an actor (don't
believe me? See "From Dusk Till Dawn" and prove me wrong!),
ALIAS can so do with bringing Quentin back for a reacurring

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