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2005-04-02 03:58:38 (UTC)

pop corn

So today was not a bad day. I came home after school and
took a nap... picked my mom up from work.. helped make
dinner... ate dinner...then went to work. 5:30-9:30. my
district manager was there for part of the time and that
sucked ASS! shes a bitch. Then the rest of the night wasnt
too bad. Me and brie chit-chatted... now im home. I didnt
feel like doing anything tonight. I'm exhausted. tomorrow i
have to work 12-4. thats shitty but i need the money. I
think before I go into work im ganna stop in at verizon and
get my phone tuned on again. I dont wanna though cuz i dont
wanna pay for it...ahh but i have to. gay gay gay.

so anyways i need to go. I need to clean my room but i have
no motivation tonight... so i think im ganna go wash my
face... and get ready for bed and read my book until i fall