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2005-04-02 03:29:41 (UTC)

it's been a long time

where should i start? hmmm..... so many updates to tell

march 30:

well i did have an update here

march 31

i meet palay's older brother.... at first i thought he's
cute, then i became suspicious why he looks so familiar
..... turns out to be my ex-crush's older brother, a crush
of mine whom i long forgotten, i didn't even know he existed
when i was still in fourth year, and my crush for palay
lives on again

it was also his bday... i did not txt or call, i just sent a
happy birthday by business card and at night i texted a
sorry and thank you

bryan and i were texting each other... my load is spent
entirely on him..... he was asking when will we go out, and
then asked who am i dating on tue and mon since we will be
going out on wed... is it a sign? and then on the trivia on
the 9 planets, he answered venus.... hay does he think i'm
beautiful kaya? hehe.... but venus only says miss, it is
earth that is love. he asked about my love life and i told
him my crush is not looking at me, he replied pinapansin
naman kita ah.... weh.... hehe

april 1
i saw a cute friend of my cuz named jameson :)

si bryan nakakatuwa, he first texted me gud am, tapos he
said nung hapon hindi xa makapagtxt ng umaga kaya di xa
reply, when i told him dami kasing tinetxt, grabe deny agad
si lolo and he said hindi a lagi lang talagang failed :) and
puro uy sa wed ha

i texted edsel coz my fwend told me he's just waiting for me
to invite him

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