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2005-04-02 01:42:22 (UTC)

whats new

hey yall whats up.. i just got back from a walk with erin
and her mommy and her brother josh, and some girl his g/f
i guess. What did i tell ya earlier i knew caitlin wouldnt
call me back.. i guess i was a dick earlier im just feel
like im being betrayed idk if thats the word or not. and a
part of me wants to caitlin but another part of me says
dont. im tired. i was really looking foreward to cuddlin
and kissin caitlin tonight.you no my life really does
suck. to be honest the only good thing in my life now is
catt and we're fighting not cool.. idk. i cant help it
when i get in moods like earlier i dont like 2 talk 2
anybody . im depressed and just like to be alone ill snap
out of it sooner or later , just let me be when i say
leave me be..mmmmmmmmmmmk gosh.. idk what bothers me
more.. the fact that im not able to see caitlin or the
fact that she doesnt care she not seeing me.. i mean y
should she care at least she's with her friends/ grrr//
gettin depressed again..

*You know
** i think i have alot of friends, but i dont hear
from them!. whats another night all alone? when your
spending everyday on your own!!

^simple plan^ ~im just a kid~

idk what i should do now.. im bored.. should i call catt
to apoligize,, but i didnt do anything wrong though..
yeah i was a dick but still i had my reasons.. grr.. i
hate this so much.. im just gunna go sleep it off i think.

later,, ps its only 850 on a friday and im going
2 bed.. gunna be hard but its not that hard when u cry 2
sleep.. later

nick loves u catt

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