Albus Lupusolus
2005-04-02 00:00:13 (UTC)


as usual life sucks and it just so happens that my cat is
sick and we dont even have enough money to take him to the
doctor. that sucks. he wont eat and is like super lazy not
to mention that he cant meow that well either. maybe im
ment to be alone. maybe i should become a priest, nahhhhh.
thats not the life for me. well anyways things are slipping
through my fingers again. i have realized something the
other day. that is that about every 3 months something that
has the possibilty of changing my life as i know it seems
to appear. ofcourse this is on avg. seems like things never
go my way. but ofcourse this never discourages me more than
like 2 days and that is pushing it. so i just move on.
thats all i can do. but the real question is how do i move
on and what do i do know? im looking for a person to talk
to but it seems that i cant find one that can understand
half of what i say. for example how i can be cold-hearted
yet my goal in liffe is to help people and i do it decently
well. not perfect ofcourse. that isnt that hard to
understand. kinda how you can be perfect because it is the
body that temps you but you are the soul which is eternal.
so that means that yes you can be perfect but having a body
that doesnt mean that you start off being perfect but you
do start off being perfect. letrs see you try to figure
that out. it is kinda like what i learned about today when
things get anything near the speed of light it decreases in
leaner way towards where its going, it becomes more
massive, and time slows down. so if you got to the speed of
light it would be infinately massive, infinately thin, and
time would stop. like a big huge wall of infinate mass
infinately thin and that time has stopped. somehow that
makes sense to me and im not exactly sure why. Dr. Snow who
is my ap physics teacher said that you would have to be on
dope to make sense of it. i said that it kinda makes sense
to me. so then he said we need to have a talk about this.
for some reason stuff like this interest me. another thing
is that something the speed of light cannot have mass, how
that works i have no idea. but how can i make sense of it,
but somehow it does make sense, why is that? Why is it that
i know that i will accomplish something great and i have no
idea what it is, i just know that i will. i have no doubt
about it. i kinda need to talk to someone that can half
understand me. cause there cant be anyone that understands
me cause i dont understand me myself so how can others?
just so that i might be able to have a decent conversation
with someone.