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2005-04-01 23:41:27 (UTC)


I weighed 126.5lbs this morning. I was suprised when the
scale read that. Whatever though, that is good. I have not
eaten today yet and it is 3:40pm; however, it is Doug's
birthday so we will probably be going over to his parent's
house for dinner tonight.

This morning I went downstairs because Doug was down there
using my computer. When I came into the room and walked
over to him I looked at the computer screen and could tell
that he had closed whatever he was looking at and then
opened a new screen. When he came upstairs I asked him
about it and he said that he was just looking up shit on
how much these b-ball cards would be worth.

After he left I got on my computer and looked in the
internet files under settings, which he obviuously didn't
know about, and I found all this porn. I called him and
told him that I knew he had been looking at porn and he
lied to me again. So I said it again and then he got
quite. It pisses me off that he lied to me because he has
given me shit so much about me lying to him when we first
started dating because I told him that I was not bulimic
anymore, and then he goes and lies to me now in our
relationship. Also, he knows have fucking insecure I am
and how Kyle's porn addiction intensifyed my ED, but he
goes and does the same fucking thing.

I hate guys!