cigam kcalb
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2005-04-01 20:07:15 (UTC)

brand new

well this is my brand new diary... i have had one on here
for almost two yrs now... and alot of shit happened 2
me... but thats all in the past now... time 2 give up on
false dreams... dreams that could have easy been
accomplished but needed another person to make happen...
and she gave up... funny how they say u know u love a
person if u know u will b with them through the good and
the bad... funny how she was always there thru the good..
but when it got bad... she ran away like a lil scared
bitch! how can she sit there n tell me she loved me n do
shit like that? but whatever... i stayed through the
bad... but she didn't... guess we know who really loved
who n who was just playing games... time 2 move on n do my
own life... she had her chance 2 b apart of it... n what
did she do? she FUCKED IT UP! so yea... if anyone reads
this... look forward 2 the next entries... cus i guarentee
u they will b something 2 read... time 2 start all over
again n find my happiness! peace! mmfcl!

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