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2005-04-01 17:54:21 (UTC)

A day at the movies

I went to the movies with my sister, Carla, and my god
sister, Shelia. It was fun. We went to Johnny Carino's to
eat. We were sitting there and the waitor took our drink
orders. He brought them back and then he sat beside me. My
sister always order first so she started. The waitor
said "hold on, you can't go first." Carla was like "why."
The waitor said "Because the one I am sitting beside is
going to go first." Now Shelia had said she thought the
waitor was hot. I thought he was ok. Shelia was jealous.
Well she said "I wonder if he knows your only 15, if he
knew that he would have probably flirted with me." I was
just like whatever and went on talking to Carla. Everytime
the waitor would come back he would ask us questions about
Electra and Vernon. He was really sweet. I was looking the
other way when Shelia said "Tricia look, and the waitor
was smiling at me." Either he was retarded and kinda slow
lol or he liked me. But we just payed for our meal and
left. We went to the mall and saw Ring 2. It was really
good. Yea my day sucked yesterday.

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