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** big feelings in my life**
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2005-04-01 17:17:49 (UTC)


i have been thinking about sex recently.
is that necessary to maintain the relationship or to make
it better? i really dont know.
some people say to me if i really love my bf i should
sleep with him to show my love and feel his love. is that
true?? i cant agree with that. actually i dont want to.
i have had really special relationship for 5yrs. it was
with my ex. i think it was true love. we broke up for
some reasons but we are still really good friends. we know
almost everyting each other. i think we had really good
relationship of course we had arguments and fights a lot
though. but we didnt have sex that much. we did some times
through 5 yrs. most ppl could not believe that. but we
didnt have any problem with that. some people think having
sex is really important and necessary in a relationship.
should i follow them? i really dont know... but i wanna
believe we can build up good relationship without sex.
i dont know.... what do u guys think?

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