The neverending nightmare
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2005-04-01 16:22:50 (UTC)

19 more days

There really is nothing to talk about today so i guess
i'll just tell you wat i plan to do with my weekend!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

well for starters tonite im goin to a party and i hardly
even kno the dude thats havin it!! ~LOL~ o well my friends
bringin me!! He dont care though! This party is gonna be
the shit! LMAO i think my boyfriends gonna be pissed at me
if i go though cuz he wants me to spend time with him! O
WELL!! i dont think he trusts me! He thinks im gonna cheat
on him! I told him he aint gotta worry! And my god his god
damn bro and best friend is gonna be there! He can have
them watch me for all i care!!!!

I'll be with my boyfriend, Danny, 2morrow, though!! Its
his b-day! He's turnin 19!! YAY! ~LOL~ im gettin fucked
up! Cuz he's havin a party and were gettin drunk and high
as fuck!! ~LOL~ YAY

i dont kno wat the fuck im doin on sunday though! I guess
i'll figure it out when that day comes! ~LOL~

I felt like shit today and i do today too!! I think i have
another fever! But that sure as hell aint stoppin me from
havin fun this weekend! ~LOL~

Well til monday.......

P.S. 19 more days til 4/20 (weed day) YAY ~LOL~ LMAO

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