Short Stories
2005-04-01 15:59:59 (UTC)

The End ... Page 2 / ?

Everything seemed to move in slow motion at that point.

Sounds of distant fighting, men angrily shouting in
languages he understood and didn't understand. Belches of
some nearby machine gun nest were the only echoes of this
nightmarish catastrophe. The noise was steadily decreasing,
much to Sgt. Taelor's discomfort. Discomfort, because it
meant someone was winning. From what Sgt. Taelor knew, it
probably wasn't his side.

Taelor looked towards his men, mostly scattered, hiding
cautiously behind rubble piles and partially destroyed
buildings. Taelor and his second in command, Corporal Mike
Huckeim, were also hiding behind a wall near a street

"Jesus fucking Christ, why are we just standing
"Relax Dan, Sarge knows what he's doing."

Sgt. Taelor didn't really know what he was going to do.
But he knew what he had to do. Staying pinned behind cover
wasn't his idea of fun, nor was it an option. Taelor had
orders to secure the industrial center in order to prevent
repairs to German armor in the area. Holding the center
would deny the Germans access to repair facilities, and
would create a gap in communications between the left and
right flanks of the German forces in the city. He had to
secure it.

Taelor looked towards his men, and knew it was time to
extract himself out of here. First thing was first, they
couldn't stay pinned.

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