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2005-04-01 13:52:44 (UTC)

A Budget Disaster

...and my budget is a disaster.

I'm going to be broke for another month. I don't know what
the hell I did, but thought it was the 24th and not the
31st today.

And then missed an entire day's pay out of my MASSIVE pay
cheque b/c of a holiday I was forced to take.

And will be missing two day's pay out of next week's cheque.

This lack of money could end up being the final straw that
breaks me. I need $150 or $100 to register for something
that I really really want to do - HAVE TO DO - and I need
it by the end of the month.

It's not going to happen.

If you think I've gone insane before...

Just wait.

Just fucking wait until then.

Just wait.

Oh my god...

[-hands shaking hard-]

Work calls. Great.