this is me ...then
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2005-04-01 11:28:53 (UTC)

it wasn't that bad

The examination wasn't bad. The doctor was very nice and
told me everything about the diagnosis and what I have to
do etc.
My next appointment will be April 28th. It was a very long
to wait my turn but I could go into the city and *tadaa* I
found shoes - they are so gorgeous, like 40s style, white
and they fit.
So finally I have beautiful new spring/summer shoes.

During my city stroll I also looked for "The Lord of the
Rings - Trilogy", but it was very expensive (about 85,-

And they (mediamarkt) had no apple computer - not a single
one, no computer, no ibook - nothing. It's just awful.

Well, today my brother and my hubby plan to make a LAN-
session and I don't know what I'm going to do - maybe
start "Gossip Girl" ;)

But first we have to go to the supermarket to buy some
food and then I will
cook some chinese meal - delicious! *yummy*

My today's ear candy is J.Lo's "Get Right" - I like this
song. *lalala*