My longing is for only one, the eternal
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2005-04-01 08:10:28 (UTC)

Human are weird

I used to hate human, then somehow I love and care for them
so much I couldn't let them be mislead by anything wrong,
but now suddenly I feel like abandoning them again. What is
wrong with me?? What is wrong with them anyway?? I alwayd
question that myself. I've always tried to understand
human, and I know I already understand them coz' when
someone commits crime I can easily say, "That's just human,
nothing weird to it," but why can't I remember what I've
understood when they underestimate me. Yeah, guess that's
my sort of weak point, but not my main weak point,
underestimation. I usually am able to ignore them, just
sometimes I want to kick their ass and make them regret.
Lately I see myself as unable to feel anything when people
underestimate me in anyways, I could barely even hear what
they are saying, those words just like got in through the
right ear and got out again the same through the left ear.
Couldn't change me one bit. I can easily debate those
stupid facts the morons are saying, but I'm not interested
in humouring them at all. So just listen, nod, say mm-hm,
then let them leave. Thank goodness leave means leave me
alone forever coz' I'm never going to see them again or
need to listen to them. They are a bunch of think-they-are-
so-good, I know all the crimes they committed and I know
everything they are afraid of. But what is worse when
someone underestimate me as someone who tell lies, who
cheats, who is so damned and stupid!! Tell them what, I'd
really love to smack those arched-eyebrows faces. They look
at me like shit, like I'm somekind of soemthing that
shouldn't exist. Who do they think they are? People who
know just oh about everything? And I just remember, human
always think they are the only persons that are right. They
never listen to other. They want to win. Fine!! They love
this world so much they can have it, but what is it that I
did to them that they need to condemn me so? Tell them one
thing, their faces are the ugliest resemblance of devils
I've ever seen.