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2005-04-01 06:57:13 (UTC)

little lost alot unknown

`syco` is at it again, called 49 times in an hour, crap
thats so god aful bad, rubbash on my sole, skrew the
nighmare i have known, wow! I sprout alot of bullshit in
this babbling blog, Im sorry for all who read my
neverending talk. I am frightfully forgotten and I hate to
know that. I feel unloved in this world unkown and wish
to trasport myself to the other life i once despreatly
saved as my own. I cryed so many god damned tears, I have
worn myself out on self pity, Fuck these stupid pricks!
I'm sick of love, the emotional buerocrassy, rate me one
up there~ shit fuck what? I am saving for my recovery of
god aful sins, where is god? what can be done to save my
tarnished sole? Ha like he cares, like he's there, Im a
defect in a world of perfect, What's going to save me when
the time comes, ill be given as a sacrifise and laughed at
after, I ll hear thier laughter eccoing amongst my own,
lost and alone.

@ 2understand this bullshit you must go back to the
begaing of time and re write this history of myne.....

if you understand my life, awsome thats fine, drop me a
line, holy crap listion to my all trying to ryme, thats
the last time I smoke pot and go online, shit now I cant
stop, what the fuck hope I dont say..... fuck yah ok, im
done, time to pass out and drift into the fog........

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