Thoughts in Green
2005-04-01 06:41:58 (UTC)

The Pope

So if you watch the news at all or read the news on the
internet you must be aware of the condition of the Pope.

Now I am not Catholic (lutherine by baptism... spiritual
on my own) but my mom was discommunicated from it because
she got divorced one to many times... well hey what are ya
gonna do :O)

I do however see the utter signifigance of this pivitol
change in religiouse heads. Once the Pope passes we will
have a new one within 14 days of his passing... from what
I remember anyways. Now the world is kind of in a strange
place right now with the Baby boomers getting into
retirement age and my and my sisters generations starting
to be in charge.

We seems to have this struggle between people who used to
be open minded and wanted to effect the world but are now
turning in to my grandpa! and those of us who are still
open minded and hopefull that the world can change in to a
positive loving thing and not be this ball of hatred and
revenge that it currently is.

Ok so the reason I brought that up is because depending on
who the church ellects as the next Pope can really make
the church look like they are stuck in the stone age or
make them look like they are trying to evolve in to
something more flexible to the ever changing world.

Now the Catholic church has alreayd taken a pretty hard
hit with the whole molestation fiasco and people have
questioned the church and their faith in some respects
because of it. This was bound to happen... let's face it
anything that gets that powerful is bound to get in to
some trouble eventually.

So my current concern is that once the current Pope does
pass away... which I have to say I am a little disturbed
at the fact that he is not yet retired to the old Popes
home... if the church ellects some old fashioned bible
thumping pushy old fart as the new Pope what in the world
will happen next.

We are already fighting over people trying to tell each
other what the hell to do with their lives. Now we will
have someone new instucting those pushy people on what to
argue with us about.

So please vote for an open minded free lovin happy Pope
who just wants a happy productive world just like God
wants us to have.... Have a Coke and A SMILE