Thoughts in Green
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2005-04-01 06:08:45 (UTC)

Whats with Commercials

I was watching tv today and I saw that McDonalds comercial
with the 4 men watching football and the one guy hangs up
the phone and says oh crap I didnt here what she said she
wants... Oh i'll just get her what she got the last time.

All the sudden all the guys in the room freak and say oh
that wont work.... well what should i do the retarded b-
friend asks.... what about the back up bag..


OMG you have to be kidding me!

If I was a guy I would be pissed. I mean really can't we
try to give guys a little more credit then that. First off
most guys I know can tell you exactly what kind of food I
like from each place I go. Second why could the guy have
not just called her back and said...

Hey honey sorry I wanted to make sure I heard you right
the guys were kind of lound. I dont know about you ladies
but that would be perfectly acceptable to me. If anything
I would probably appreciate the guy even more.

Also this perpetuates the beliefe that men do not pay
attention and have to lie to be with a women and make it
through the day without a fight. Come on people lets give
each other a little more credit then that and stop giving
people excuses to not pay attention to the people in their