Thoughts in Green
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2005-04-01 05:57:53 (UTC)


So tell me ..... whats the deal with people lying about
stupid shit???

I have at least 5 people a day who tell me stuff like I
was trying to get the total price with tax on the nights
and think I booked my room on accident!

WHAT! are you seriouse? Tell me that this is a joke and
you don't really think I am this freaking stupid!

Ok when you are going to lie about something at least make
it believable pretty please. If you dont know how to book
a reservation just STOP... call someone for help ....
thats why the number is there.

If you book somehting please make sure that you need it
cause here is a news flash.... all those fees you people
think are so easily waivable really aren't. We are not
magicians and we can not just wiggle our noses and make
them dissapear... suprise we actually have to pay the fees
to the hotels, so stop winning about a reservations you
booked yourself on line.... it's YOUR FAULT STUPID!!!!

So next time you want to call someone and lie and get all
mad when they bust you out.... think about how stupid you
are making yourself look and sound.... cause you really

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