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2005-04-01 04:47:23 (UTC)

An Answer I Need...

What does it mean to say that I can't point to anything my
boyfriend does just for me?

What does that mean?

I don't quite understand the concept.

We go to the symphony together sometimes. Is that just
for me? But he likes the music too so maybe it doesn't

But...I can't conceive that it means doing things he
doesn't like just b/c I like them.

Does it?

That seems rather...bleak. I don't know.

I guess I do things for him, like drive him places or make
phone calls for him.

I guess I've wanted to go to Mandarin for dinner for two
years (yeah, me and my big plans) but it never happens. I
won't make him go b/c he doesn't like Chinese nearly as
much as I do, so even when he says "yeah, okay", we don't
go...though usually I'm the one bringing it up.

Is that what that means? I don't understand...