The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2005-04-01 02:09:51 (UTC)

*Stupid Grin*

I like this girl, Gina. Shes cute, shes cool, and
apparently when I say I have a thing for blondes, I'm not
lying. Cause shes a blonde. Shes younger than me. Which
is another thing I seem to go for. And shes single.
*Grins* Only thing is she just broke up with her
boyfriend. He really dicked her over too. He transferred
her car to his name, took her puppy, and left her without
a real home. Shes been living in her car and sleeping at
her sisters. But Gina is cool and sweet, and maybe I'm
just a sucker for girls who talk to me. *Shrugs* I'm
gonna see how things turn out. Hopefully for the best. I
haven't had a real girlfriend in almost two years. :p
Haha. Well I've been very happy this week. Happy is
good. I don't feel that depressed and for once I feel
like things are looking up in my life. So I'm gonna go.
If anyone still reads this, cool. If not, its a place for
me to vent. Haha.