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2005-04-01 02:07:12 (UTC)

Trace the path


I don't know why. I keep on hearing bad news from the
others. Of course I don't want to be involved in these
news, but I am really sorry to hearing those sad stories.
I am too lucky to stay in this world without much
difficulty. Maybe God may want to test me when I get older.

When your parents are ill, will you be very upset? Yes, I
do. Though I am not feeling the way you do, I understand
you must be very worried. Try to relax yourself and pray
for your mother. My mom keeps on complaining that she
can't breathe. What happens to her? I don't know. I asked
her to see the doctor, but she said it would be expensive
to have the body check...sigh...i know it is expensive,
but still, you have to spend this lot of money, or you may
drive me mad!

I am managing myself and my feeling. I hope everyone will
be alright and fine. I do respect everyone. and I try to
forget. I hope everyone is happy. I am a grown-up, not a
child. Remember this, Kathy.

There are many things and matters that deserve our
attention. When you look around and observe, you can
discover that there are many other things that you must
treasure and put a heart into. Just do what you think you
want to. Follow your heart.