Cruel Intentions
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2005-04-01 01:46:01 (UTC)

I long to die. I want to have a..

I long to die.

I want to have a car accident so I don't have to go to
work anymore. I fantasize about running my car off of the
road and into a tree. I just stood at the top of the
stairs at our office wanting to throw myself down them. I
hate this its so stupid. Why the fuck do i feel so
depressed and suicidal? my life is not that bad really,
but i just have to use all my energy not to walk out in
front of on coming traffic.

Last night Ray decided that we cant have sex, because that
would be cheating on his gfriend. Apparently its ok if I
suck his cock though, because "im so good at it" he said.
rigghhhttt..... get a life. or even better, have mine, i
dont want it.