*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-03-31 23:51:30 (UTC)

Topic (good question)

Hello! ^ ^ I have absolutely nothing to say, lol,
however it is this or hw, so that is why I am here. ^_~
Ummm that is all I guess. Ha, lol, completely pointless,
but that is it, all I have to say. lol. Bye!

Well I am back (this is a later time) and I do have
something to say now. I am so grateful for my friends,
especially Three feet (you know who you are) and the lover
of pink. You guys are so awesome and so great and I
am so freakin lucky to have people care about me so much.
I might not like it all the time, but great for me, cuz I
know I need it anyway sometimes. I can do things on my
own, but I don't have to, lol. My mom said I should stop
worrying about other people's problems with life, cuz it
was starting to take a toll on me, and I told her no, cuz
that is what I was good at. I am good at helping people
and that is what I like to do, and thats what keeps me
going sometimes, but I have a habbit about forgetting
about me a bit, I guess you could say. I really don't
intentionally try to push people away, I just really hate
hurting people and making their lives harder cuz of me. I
just hate it, cuz this world that we live in sucks so much
with all the killing, and drugs and alcohol and pain and
loss, it is all so overweleming sometimes you know? I
don't like to add more to that, however whether I like it
or not I am a person who has a hard time once and I while
too, and I guess I could get over people actually caring
enough to want to help with a smile or something. I guess
it is selfish to want to do it alone, cuz your friends
want to help, ha I am such a hypocrite some times, I
really have to work on that. With me I bug the heck out
my friends until they tell me whats on their minds, and
yeah here I go saying nothing and worrying them like
crazy. Fun. I always have thought of myself as a good
friend, but the funny thing is I haven't really let
someone be a good friend to be for a very long time, not
very fair is it. I guess I felt like I didn't deserve a
friend like that, idk. All I know is that it looks really
stupid now that I look at it for a bit. I guess I was
still a loner after all, funny how that is, except funny
isn't the word, however I don't really think there is a
word for it so funny works okay for now. A note to Three
Feet: Corners are stupid, so don't goin hanging in them
cuz it is so much funner to dance, and if you don't know
what that means, think about nightmares and mormon dances
and put it together. I know you are worried about things
somwhow turning into how they were where you used to live,
(or at least the you in your dreams is, lol) but fyi, they
won't, not here, and not with us. I think that is all I
have to say, lol. Just like me, I won't talk at all or a
won't shut-up, lol. Huggles. . .

-*~*Silent Tears*~*